Four Qualities To Look For When Choosing New Food For Your Indoor Cat

15 October 2015
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The diet your cat consumes can make a major impact in their overall health, so it is crucial that you choose their food with care. If your cat is kept indoors for safety reasons, you need to look into what kind of food would be ideal for them. Instead of choosing a food that is suitable for any adult cat, look into the most important qualities that are only found in indoor cat food.

Reduced Calories Due to Less Energy Exerted

Many cats become overweight when confined to the indoors since they typically exert less energy than before. Instead of simply cutting back on their regular food, look into food available at the pet store that is listed to have reduced calories. This will ensure that your cat is not overeating, but will still receive all the essential nutrients, such as taurine and animal fat.

Improved Digestion Attributes

If you have ever watched your cat while they were outdoors, it is likely that you have noticed that they enjoy eating grass. What the grass does is help with their digestive system, preventing them from throwing up as often and keeping them in good health. If you do not provide your cat with any greens in the form of wheatgrass or fresh catnip, make sure to choose an indoor cat food formula that can help with their digestive system.

Cuts Down on Any Hairballs

With your cat kept indoors, any mess they make will be left inside your home. For many households, this means discovering hairballs on the carpet or other flooring. While brushing your cat more often to reduce loose hair is beneficial, you can also switch to a food that has some form of hairball control. 

Plenty of Protein for Muscle Development

While your cat may not be as energetic as before when they are kept indoors, they will likely still play when a toy is presented to them or if they have a cat post or tree to climb. To ensure that they are in good health, make sure that their food is not lacking in protein. The protein is necessary for muscle development, keeping them in shape and active for years to come.

As you explore your options for indoor cat food, you may be confused on what is ideal for both the weight and age of your cat. Visit a veterinarian, such as those at the Babylon Animal Hospital, to get professional advice on what you should be feeding your cat.