Avoid Cat Attacks By Using A Professional Groomer

2 March 2016
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If you have a cat that will put up a fight if they feel they are in a compromised position, you may have given up on grooming all together. The thing is, your cat might desperately be in need of a nail trim or need to have mats cut out of their fur. Groomers have the right tools and training to successfully handle the angriest of cats. Here are four things a professional groomer has on their side when it comes to grooming a cat that may be prone to attacking.

1. Groomers Have Safe Restraints

Groomers can use cones and soft wraps to keep cats from biting or scratching while sensitive areas like claws and ears are worked on. These types of restraints won't hurt your cat and will keep them safe while the groomer does their job. Your cat will calm down once they realize they aren't going to be able to escape the grooming process.

2. The Right Grooming Equipment

You might think that items you have around the house, such as nail clippers, a standard cat brush, and scissors should be fine for grooming. Chances are your groomer will have tools that are designed specifically for your cat and will make the process go smoothly, without attacks. By using grooming equipment that is specifically designed for your cat, they will be less likely to be injured in the process.

3. Groomers can Read Your Cat

You might think that you know your cat better than anyone, but groomers have seen it all and can read your cat's body language and warnings more effectively. By anticipating when a cat is getting agitated or might strike out, groomers can take a time-out and step back to let cats keep their cool as much as possible during grooming.

4. Groomers can Work Fast

You might be more apt to go slow because you only groom your cat a few times a year, which can add stress to the process. Groomers can get the job done quickly, which will ultimately be less stress for your cat. Groomers have seen it all and can usually get through trimming, clipping, and washing in a fraction of the time it would take you at home.

While cat attacks aren't fun for anyone, this can cause undue stress to your cat as well. If you are tired of your cat putting up a fight during home grooming, a professional groomer might have more success. Groomers can help keep your cat from attacking and still get the grooming done that they need.

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