Vaccination Tips For A Multiple-Cat Household

29 September 2015
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If you have more than one cat, keeping everyone happy and healthy can take some effort. There are factors that make keeping up with vaccinations even more important in multiple-cat households. Here are three tips when it comes to keeping vaccinations up to date for all of your cats.

1. Tracking Vaccine Schedules

It can be hard to remember when different cats last went to the vet, but it's important to track multiple vaccination histories so that no one gets skipped. Make sure that your vet keeps a record of this information and can send you reminders. If they can map this out for all cats at once, you can keep future visits in mind when it comes to budgeting and making appointments. If bringing each cat in to the vet starts to be tall order, there are vets that will make house calls. All of your cats can get on the same vaccination schedule with a home visit that gets everyone up to date.

2. Indoor and Outdoor Cats

Your vet will ask if your cats are indoor or outdoor pets so that they know what level of vaccinations will be needed. It is important to remember that if you have indoor and outdoor cats, there may be some mingling between the two. Even if you have a cat that doesn't leave the house, if others come inside throughout the day, all cats should be vaccinated for FeLV, FIV, and FIP as well. These are usually administered to those that interact with the outside world and can be a good safeguard for all of your cats.

3. Cats at All Ages

Vaccinations can be especially important at the beginning and the end of your cat's life. If you are looking to adopt a new kitten, try to do so through a shelter or adoption agency that will give your kitten a clean bill of health and their first round of shots before they even come home with you. Older cats have a weakened immune system so vaccines and yearly checkups are even more important at this stage of life.

Your cats depend on you to keep them safe and healthy, and part of this is keeping up on vaccinations. Having more than one cat can add in different factors and make vaccinations that much more important to keep on top of. Make sure that your pet's vaccines are up to date and work with your veterinarian to know the specific needs of your situation.