5 Benefits Of Neutering Your Dog

23 October 2015
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Whether you just adopted a dog or bought one from a breeder, neutering is one of the best health decisions you can make for him. It involves surgically removing his testicles and will benefit his physical and emotional health. Neutering is also very affordable these days. Here are five important benefits of neutering your dog:

It Can Prevent Testicular Cancer

The thought of your dog getting cancer is scary, so it is best to take as many preventative measures as possible. The best way to prevent testicular cancer, which is more common in intact male dogs, is to get your pooch neutered, according to Pet Education. If you want to use your dog for breeding, you should get him fixed after he is completely done.

Your Dog Will not Roam Away

When a male dog is not neutered, he will have intense urges to find another mate. He might even try digging under your fence to get out. Once your dog is out in the streets, he is in danger of getting hit by a car. If you get your dog fixed, he will not have these strong urges anymore.

Your Dog Will Behave Better

A dog that has not been fixed yet can have several different behavior problems. For example, he may urinate in the house to mark his territory. Your pooch may also jump on people to show dominance. Neutering will calm your dog down and help him behave a lot better.

It Will Prevent Pet Overpopulation

Neutering your dog is also beneficial for the pet community. There are many unwanted dogs out there that just get euthanized in shelters. If you fix your dog, there won't be as many unplanned litters.

It Can Save You Money

Although the surgery will cost you money, it can actually help you save on pet medical expenses in the future. For example, if your dog is not neutered and develops testicular cancer, you may spend a lot of money on treatments costs. If your dog escapes from your home and gets into a fight with another animal, you will also have to pay for veterinary care.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to neuter your dog. The surgery will help your dog maintain good health and reduce future veterinary costs. If your dog is still a puppy, ask a veterinarian, like Haverford Animal Hospital, about the best time to get him fixed.