Two Dog-Friendly Thanksgiving Recipes

10 November 2015
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Are you hoping that your pooch will be able to participate in Thanksgiving? If so, these two dog-friendly recipes will be perfect for your upcoming holiday. These recipes are tasty, safe for dogs to eat, and use many of the same ingredients served at traditional Thanksgiving meals.

Thanksgiving Casserole

Mix together oatmeal, cooked carrots and bits of turkey into a dish. Blend the mixture in a food processor until smooth, and ball it up into bites a little smaller than ping-pong balls. If the food doesn't stick together easily, mix in some more oatmeal until the food forms a cohesive mixture. Once the mixture holds together in firm balls, bake them in the oven until warm and browned on the outside. Allow the balls to cool just a little bit, then serve to your dog as you serve Thanksgiving dinner to your family and guests.

Homemade Leftover Treats

This is a great recipe to make from your leftovers after Thanksgiving is over. Combine cooked carrots, green beans, turkey, cooked potatoes, eggs and cooked pumpkin. Spread the mixture out onto a greased casserole dish and bake in the oven until the mixture bubbles. Allow it to cool slightly and then serve it to your dog.


When preparing these dishes, these tips will help:

  • Be sure that the turkey has no bones and no skin included. Bones can choke your dog or puncture your dog's intestines, and turkey skin has extra fat that can be unhealthy for dogs to consume.
  • Be careful not to include extra ingredients in your meal. For example, when serving your dog green beans in the "homemade leftover treats" recipe, don't use green bean casserole. Green beans are a relatively healthy food that shouldn't hurt your dog. Green bean casserole is made with fried onions, and onions are toxic to dogs.

Properly prepared, these recipes should be safe for your dog to eat. However, you should always talk to your dog's veterinarian before serving people food to your pet. If you have another recipe that you would like your pet to be able to eat, talk to your pet's veterinarian ahead of time. (Visit sites like if you're looking for a vet.) He or she will be able to approve the ingredients. If one of the foods you want to serve could do harm to your pet, your pet's veterinarian will be able to suggest something more healthy for your dog. Following this advice, you should be able to have a fun Thanksgiving, and your pet will too.