Bone Safety Tips For Dog Owners

19 November 2015
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Dogs love to chew on bones. However, some bones can be dangerous for your dog and should never be eaten, especially if they are cooked. Bones can wreak havoc on your dog's intestines and can even be fatal in some cases. Here are some important safety tips you should follow when giving your dog bones.

What Types Of Bones Are Not Safe For Dogs?

Dogs should never be fed chicken bones, especially if they have been cooked. Cooked chicken bones can be difficult for your dog to digest, and they may poke holes in your dog's intestines, causing your dog to bleed internally. In some severe cases, this can lead to death. Chicken bones can also cause your dog to become constipated. If your dog has eaten a chicken bone, here are a few things you can do to try to counteract the negative side effects that can occur:

  1. Try to cushion the sharp chicken bones inside your dog's stomach by overfeeding your pet for the next few days. The best way to do this is to feed your dog a lot of bread and cooked rice. You can mix the cooked rice with food that you would normally give your dog so that it is more palatable.
  2. Check your dog's stool regularly over the next few days. If you notice any sign of blood or if you notice that your dog is straining to defecate, then you should visit the vet immediately.
  3. If your dog becomes moody and seems lacking in energy, then take your dog to the vet.

What Type Of Bones Are Safe For Dogs?

While some bones are unsafe for dogs, there are also several bones that are considered safe. Safe bones may be edible or they may be recreational. While most chicken bones are dangerous, it is actually safe to give your dog chicken neck bones or turkey neck bones once they have been crushed in a meat grinder. These bones can be given raw or cooked after they have been ground and provide your dog with essential nutrients.

Another type of bone that is good for your dog even though it doesn't provide any nutritional value is big chunky beef or bison femur bones that contain marrow. These bones are good for your dog's dental health. Your dog cannot swallow them or chew them but when they gnaw on these bones it stimulates saliva and cleanses the teeth. The action of gnawing on the bone also creates a brushing effect.

For more information, contact Animal Emergency Clinic or a similar location.